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A Short Cut may include a patch that requires a specific Instrument configuration (ObjClass = RiBaseInstDef) and display a "Missing Config" in the Log window (System > Messages). The required objects must be added to Guru before the Short Cut will function properly with that feature. The RIBaseInstDef is a collection of required firmware (ObjType=rbf) and Instrument (ObjClass=RiInstrumentDef) that includes all the necessary buttons in the View/Controller windows. If these buttons are different or missing, the Test Plan editor may identify the button as red and will not successfully compile.

Issue: After a new Short Cut is issued, Instruments are missing from the Configuration window and/or "Missing Config" message (see Figure 1) appears while the Tester is being loaded.

Resolution: Contact [email protected] and provide the Short Cut name and name(s) of the missing Instrument(s). They will provide either an updated Short Cut or a .GZP file with the required objects.

The root cause is that the Patch did not include the required objects in the manifest.

Figure 1: Missing Config Message

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