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All Calibrations files for Test Fixtures or Device Interface boards are stored in the Guru database and automatic backups of all previous versions are made. The Guru will normally only display to the user the latest version of any file it has in the database, but the user can revert to any of the oldr versions. Each instance of the cal can also be stored under different serial numbers ( as is the case with Soft Docking ) and be seen directly in the Guru Browser.

To restore an older Guru object, refer to Browsing, Importing, Exporting and Recovering Guru Objects document (take a look at the 'Recovering a Guru Object' section).

To find out which object class you need to select, refer to RI Guru Object Classes document.

For example, if you want to restore a fixture calibration file:

You would select "RiFixtureCal" for the "ri.sys.ObjClass" as shown below. and this window will then only display RI Test Fixture Calibration files.

Once only calibration files are listed, select the Fixture Cal which you're working on and click the Revision History page at the bottom of the window.

You can see that there are 3 versions of this Fixture Cal. Select the one which you want to recover, for example, the second one from the list, then right mouse button click and select Make Last RevisionOf.

When done, you can see that there are now 4 versions of the fixture cal, the latest creation date is the recovered version.

You can follow the steps for any Guru object class that needs to be recovered.

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