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Our records indicate the RI7100A test systems you currently have under service contract have been in the field for over ten years. Due to the age of the test systems, it has become more difficult to maintain a set of spares at the RI factory.

While Roos has been able to maintain a good level of spares for many of the major parts in the RI7100A test systems, some parts are no longer available. While we feel we can replace or repair the majority of the parts in the RI7100A, there may be some items, such as the Hubs and Receivers, that would need to be returned to the factory for repair. The Combiner Amplifiers would be repaired on a best effort basis.

What this means for you and your service contract:
    1) RI can no longer guarantee stock of these parts or their replacement parts under the ME (Fast Ship Module Exchange) component of the service contract. Repair of some items will be “return to factory” for repair.
    2) Roos Instruments will make every reasonable effort to repair a failed part but, if it is deemed by us to be unrepairable, we will not be able to repair or replace it under a service contract.

    If repair is not possible, your choices would be:
        a) Purchase a new component for the RI7100A from Roos Instruments that is functionally backward compatible to the Gen 3 versions and includes a one year warranty. Or,
        b) Replace the failing component with another Gen 3 component from your spares inventory, if available, Or
        c) Remove this functionality from the tester.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to our mutually rewarding relationship.

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