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Please collect the following information when troubleshooting EPC connection issues (Yellow System Button). Each question should be answered with Yes/No/True/False or description of answer: Please facilitate this by creating a paper form or shared worksheet where technicians can enter this info while at the tester. Also, these steps will likely be updated over time. Please prepare a work flow to allow for regular updates.

To Document Any EPC Issue, Collect the Following Information Per Event:
    1. Date & Time of the incident? (for log analysis)
    2. Contact Name & Email Address? (to allow follow-up questions and target interventions)
    3. Tester GuruID/Name?
    4. What is the current Guru User? (If Yellow, Apps/ShortCuts takes a while to appear as Guru timeout waiting to confirm latest users)
    5. Current Activity (Exec Running, Testing % done?, Total Lot size?, Diags, Cals, Setup, Correlation, MSC etc...)
    6. Cassini Error prompt? Save and export RiErrorLog, if not Error and Cassini still responsive, choose System > Equip > Save Sim and export RiSimulationDef.
    7. Responsive UI?
      1. OS (mouse, keyboard)
      2. Desktop UI (folder)
      3. Cassini app
      4. Db Manager (Java) app
      5. Guru app
      6. Other apps?
    8. Touch Screen? (does the mouse move to where the screen is touched, try all corners/edges?)
    9. Keyboard not responding (Num Lock, Caps Lock lights)?
      1. Try to use a different USB Keyboard. Any response? No, then hard power down tester.
    10. Repeatable? (Yes/No) , If Yes, what are the Steps to Recreate the Issue.
    11. Screenshot of full screen (helps to see System button status & taskbar, time at the bottom, CPU graph, tasks running, etc), use PrintScreen key, saves to D:/Screenshot/.
    12. Is Local Time correct? (If not, confirm NTP and CMOS Battery are valid)
    13. Perform the following Interventions: (Note if/when issue is resolved)
    14. CTL+ALT+DEL?, enter "T" for TOP (take screenshot, looking for high CPU usage), kill task and document program name if consistently >98%, close all apps and Guru, try to recreate issue.
    15. Check available storage on C: and D:, cmd "df -h" cmd - "Use % for c: and d:". Anything above 80% is noteworthy.
    16. Network issues? (Yellow)
      1. confirm ip address (ifconfig lan0)
      2. confirm ping to update server works
      3. confirm local date/time is accurate, if not set time and check Clock Synchronization (NTP) settings. Make sure server is accessible!
      4. Guru Address Active? (launch
      5. from Apps or D:\ )
      6. Guru Explorer connects to server? (launch from Apps or D:\ )

Advanced Debug Steps:

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