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    Guru's user interface appears as a button bar along the right hand side of the desktop that list all the Apps that ship with the system and any Short Cuts or User Apps that are custom defined.

    The following Applications are available in a standard Guru enabled System Controller. Access to these applications is controlled by the group membership (roles & permissions) of the user account.

    System Launch Control "Guru Bar"

    The "Guru Bar" provides access to Apps and Short Cuts/User Apps based on the privileges of the logged on user. The System button allows Logoff, Shutdown (restart), replicate (send to backup guru), synchronize (pull all owned objects from update guru), and the Message window (activity log).
    Short Cuts
      The operating environment for any the "Cassini" style ATE systems is found here. The System button menu is used to update the tester when the hardware has changed, access the message log window, and exit the ATE System operating software. The Test menu provides access to the Plans, Package Execs, Testers, Devices, Device Interfaces, and Fixtures. The Import menu provides a way to quickly import files into Guru.

    User Apps

      The GuruAgent application runs Guru Agents ( similar to commands or batch files ) that perform various activities at a scheduled interval. Typical activities include exporting test data to STDF to a network drive or FTP server, run system backups, etc. Guru Agents can be configured to Run automatically and run in the background without any user interface. See the Guru Agent Editor application for more information (User Guide).

    Guru Browser
    Guru Address Book Admin
    Guru Users Admin
    Update Manager

      RI's revision control manager allows building and editing of "Short Cut" objects that contain the instructions to build a specific software version. Every time a software update is issued, a new short cut should be created so operational released Test plans do not need to be revalidated!

      User Guide: http://roos.com/docs/ECHN-867Q7E?Open

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