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When using a Guru Server with Virtualbox and Bridged Networking Mode is not possible, NAT Network Port Forwarding can be used to expose the Guru Server with the IP address of the Host PC. This means that Host PC's IP address or host name would be used in the Guru Connection on the Tester.

To Configure VirtualBox Nat Network Port Forwarding:
  1. From Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, choose File > Preferences.
  2. Choose Network, then press the Add Network icon (green plus), it will create and activate a new NAT Network named "NatNetwork".
  3. Choose NatNetwork and select Configure icon (orange sprocket).
  4. Choose Port Forwarding to open the Port Forwarding Rules window.
  5. Choose Add icon (green plus) and change the Names to "Guru" and set the Host Port and Guest Port to "50000" (fifty thousand) and Guest IP to
    (Note: Verify IP address in Guru Server terminal "ip addr" command.)
  6. Choose Ok three times (Ok, Ok, Ok) to close the preferences window.
  7. Select Guru Server VM from the list and choose Machine > Settings.
  8. Choose Network. Adapter 1, change Attached to: to be NAT Network and Name: "NatNetwork" (default), choose Ok.
    (Windows Hosts) If Windows UAP prompts, enable the correct networks and accept any security access to allow NAT network to function.
  9. Start the Guru Server VM from Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager by choosing Machine > Start > Normal Start.
  10. Configure the Tester to connect with the Guru Server via the Guru Address Book. If the button remains grey, enable connections.
    Product Docs Connect to Guru Server with Guru Address Book: https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8WDMHY?Open
  11. If the connection does not work, try temporarily disabling the Firewall on the Host OS. If it works, then try opening TCP port 50000 on the Host's Firewall. (See Win10 Firewall, open tcp port 50000)

Figure 1: NAT Network Details

Figure 2: Port Forwarding Rules

Figure 3: VM Settings Network

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