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DRAFT: This document is still being modified by the author. Any information here is subject to change.

Document Purpose:

To provide the test engineer a guide in Calibrating the Hardware Test Fixture used with the RI 7100A tester. This document will describe how to perform calibration on the RF ports of the test fixture.

  1. Install the hardware fixture to be calibrated onto the test head.
  2. From the Admin Window select Test then Instruments. Activate the desired Calibration Kit and the desired Power Meter from the instruments available ( Fig. 1 ).
  3. From the Admin Window select Test then Fixtures. The Fixture window will open as found in Figure 2.
  4. Activate the Fixture to be calibrated.
  5. Click on the fixture using the right hand mouse button. Choose Calibrate from the drop down menu that will appear.
  6. Choose the proper Fixture Calibration Program type from the selections list ( Fig. 3 ). Once you have done this a Calibrations window will appear with all the calibration programs selected for that fixture ( Fig. 4 ).
  7. At this point you have the option to select some or all of the programs to be run. Once you have done this select Run and Selected.
    Caution: During the compile of a calibration test plan all cal data associated with the test plan will be reset in the fixture. This means that a Cancel instead of OK at the operator response has already reset the fixture cal data to default values.
  8. Follow the operator prompts as they appear on the screen.

Verifies or Validates: Verify or Validate test plans can be used to check with limits the calibration procedure. To do this the test plans using limits must have "VERIF" or "VALID" in their names. The limits will be ignored in the Calibration Executive unless the test plan has one of these two designations in its name. Also the limits file must be named "SystemCheck" for the system to automatically test the limits for these plans.

Figure 1
Instruments Available

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Figure 2

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Figure 3
Calibration Test Plan Type

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Running the Individual Test Fixture Path Cals

Figure 4
Calibration Test Plans

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NOTE : After the completion of all the selected Calibration Test Plans the Test Fixture Calibration Data is automatically saved to disk.

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