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If you have upgraded you VirtualBox to version 4.2.x and your OS/2 or eComStation VM hangs during boot time. (usually after EVFS starts), follow the instructions below to upgrade the Guest Additions to the latest version.

This is likely due to the incompatibility of the earlier version of OS/2 VirtualBox Guest Additions. OS/2 Guest additions was updated in version 4.2.x.

There are two possible solutions.
1) Downgrade VirtualBox to version 4.1.24 by downloading it from the VirtualBox website. Also download and re-install the VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. Do NOT upgrade VirtualBox past 4.1.24.
2) Upgrade the OS/2 VirtualBox Guest Additions to the latest version, 4.2.4 by disabling them, copying from the virtual "Guest Additions CD" and re-enabling them. You may upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version.

Graphical Upgrade
If you can still boot eCS (not upgraded the VirtualBox to 4.2.x ) and want to upgrade to the latest version of VirtualBox, follow the graphical instructions below otherwise skip down to "Interrupt Boot" section.

To upgrade, we must first comment out the "device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxguest.sys" and "device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxmouse.sys" lines by putting 'REM ' in front of the line. And un-comment "REM device=c:\os2\boot\mouse.sys" by removing the 'REM' in front of it.

If you CAN boot eCS, use the drive icons to open CONFIG.SYS and GUI based text editor to comment out the OS2Additions lines and un-comment the mouse line.

A) Remove REM in front of 'REM device=c:\os2\boot\mouse.sys' to allow limited mouse functionality with the default mouse driver.

B) Add 'REM' in front of 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxguest.sys' and 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxmouse.sys' to prevent these from being loaded.

C) Save the file and Exit. Shutdown eCS like normal and power off the VM.

D) Upgrade your VirtualBox to the latest version.

E) Boot your modified eCS VM and install the OS/2 VirtualBox Guest Additions

From the VM menu click on Device -> Install Guest Additions...

F) Copy the file from Guest Additions virtual CD to C:\OS2Additions. The drive letter may be "E" or "S
Verify "E or S" drive by typing "cd e:", if you get a "drive is not ready" error, then try "s".

open an OS/2 Command window and type

copy E:\OS2\* C:\OS2Additions
copy C:\OS2Additions\*.dll C:\OS2\DLL

G) Undo step A & B to reactivate the Guest Additions. Open Config.sys and modify the following.

Add REM in front of 'device=c:\os2\boot\mouse.sys'
Remove REM in front of 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxguest.sys' and 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxmouse.sys'

F) Make sure the two device lines 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxguest.sys' and 'device=c:\OS2Additions\vboxmouse.sys' are the last two device lines. If you are not sure just move it to the bottom of the file.

G) Reboot the VM. It should boot quickly, without hanging after displaying "EVFS..." line.

Interrupt Boot with Alt+F1

If you already upgraded to the latest version of VirtualBox and your VM hangs on boot, press
Alt+F1 when you see the white rectangle on the upper left of the boot screen.

Press F2 key to boot into command line

Use TEDIT to edit the config.sys with the
tedit config.sys command.

Enter "ESC" to move from the command line into the document, make your changes, press F2 to save and F3 to exit. Reboot with "Insert CTRL+Alt+Del" from the VirtualBox "Machine" menu.

Follow steps A thru G above.

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