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The Guru system saves all previous revisions of all Guru objects ensuring that there is never a lost revision of anything. This can be invaluable with test objects (Test plans, Fixture definitions, etc), but Fixture, DIB and Instrument Calibrations are a special case and are managed differently.

For guru objects, other than calibrations, refer to Browsing, Importing, Exporting and Recovering Guru Objects document, follow the steps to 'Recovering a Guru Object'. To find out which object class you need to select, refer to RI Guru Object Classes document.

For calibration objects, the method is different. This is due to each calibration revision being saved as a separate guru object, as opposed to most object classes, where there is a single object with multiple revisions.

To Revert to Previous Calibration Data:
    1. Launch Cassini application via the Short Cuts menu. Choose the latest Dev or Production Short Cut available.
    2. Choose System > Tester to topen the Configuiration window.
    3. Choose Fixture, DutInterface, or any instrument by left clicking on the instrument name. (See Figure 1)
    4. Choose Instrument > Calibration > Restore menu or right click menu. (See Figure 2)
    5. When the Confirm prompt appears, choose Yes. (See Figure 3)
    6. Choose the Date of the desired revision of the Calibration then choose Select.
    7. To make these changes permenent, choose Instrument > Calibration > Save menu or right click menu.
      To revert to previous cal data, choose
      System > Reset form the Cassini application window. (note: resets all cal data and instrument states)

Note: This process can be used to verify latest cal data date by choosing the latest version on step 6 and skipping step 7.

Figure 1: Configuration Window, Fixture Instrument selected

Figure 2: Instrument > Calibration > Restore (Restore not highlighted in pic below)

Figure 3: Confirm prompt > Yes

Figure 4: Select Cal Data

Figure 5: Save Cal Data (Note: Save not highlighted in pic below)

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