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STDF Data may require customization, either to conform with data analysis tools or unique corporate policies. Data that is constant for a system can be stored in the 'Tester' object or the preferences of the App that launches the Exec. STDF data that is unique for a DUT can be generated by the Data Save objects in a testplan. These can use global variables that are set initially by the testplan when it is first run and updated by the testplan, persisting across DUTs until the END button is pressed. Additional data is exposed via custom or standard patches that change what data is presented (like the CID of the FixtureCal that is active during testing).

Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'STDF and ATDF Field Definitions'STDF Field Definitions

MIR field values can be stored in the Application or System object that launches the Test Exec. If launching from Cassini App, these values are typically stored with the 'Tester', otherwise they can be stored with the RiPreferences object for the App.

Add STDF fields to Tester Object via Test Object Viewer

Open the Test Object Viewer with System > Test Objects (or via Program -> Browse Guru menu)

When running ED mode, the "Tester Name" comes from the RiPreferences, NXP ED Launcher. You can edit it from Guru Browser from the Cassini system software

Then select Keys -> Key1=Class

Then select RiPreference from the top left panel, and NXP ED Launcher for the top right panel, as shown.

Then Button 2 click and select Edit Latest

Change the field of Mir.node_nam and Mir.serl_num to the tester name.

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