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DRAFT: This document is still being modified by the author. Any information here is subject to change.

Cassini Multi Site Test Plan Editor

The Cassini software supports migration from single site to multi site operation using the Multi Site Editor. The Multi site editor clones a mature single site plan into as many site plans as needed.

These plans are associated with each other by the Cassini Attribute Ri.sys.PartOf

The individual site is identified by the Cassini Attribute, Ri.Test.Site.

For a plan to be accessible to the Mutlti site editor these attributes need to be created.

To start the process, take the master site plan and select File>Open Multisite.

That will bring up a dialog for the Site identifier, Choose Site 1 as the master site.

The next dialog sets the Ri.sys.PartOf attribute, setting the Common Testplan Identifier. Example: DeviceName

You must then save the plan,

Now we can open the plan with the Multisite Editor. The Multi Site editor is embedded in the Cassini and is not accessed Via the Guru Bar.

It is most easily accessed through the Cassini Test Object Browser.

From the Cassini Window: Select Program>Show Test Objects

From this navigate to the appropriate plan that was made multi site. Note the attributes ri.sys.PartOf and Ri.TestSite

Now hightlight the plan, RMBC and chosse Edit Multisite

That brings up the multisite editor:
In this case there is only one site created. To clone for the second site, press the grey #2)

That creates the second site:
This is an identical test plan sharing the same limits, STDF datanames and STDF datanumbers. It can be run indepently and must be saved independently. Also it must be given a unique name for the second site. It is still tied to the Site 1 plan, but we want them to have unique names.

Now we need to modify the site specific information.
To do that we will use the Options>Display states Browser

Here is the state editor: We can modify the Instrument, State or Value. Depending upon the specific resource, one of the three would need to be changed for the site.
For example Lets consider a Fixture based switch. the instrument is fixture, the state is RF6 and the value is dutC17_RFin _S1. In this case the Value would need to change.
Or in another case Lets say VCC5 is used for Site 1 and VCC6 is used for Site 2. For that, the Instrument is still dut control, but the State would change from VCC5 to VCC6, although the value would stay the same, X volts.

So lets change the value or Fixture RF6 througout the Site 2 plan. RMBC, choose Change All Values

That brings up the dialog, Choose the appropriate Value for Site2

Let us look at the example for changing VCC5 to VCC6. We will need to change all the States from VCC5 to the States of VCC6. In this case it is VCC6 output.
On the Right side of the state editor, we can see all places in the entire test plan where those states exist. We can change them all at once.

Some other things to note: By selecting a test planel name on the right side of the State Editor, it will bring you to the specific panel in the test plan

Remember to save each test plan individually.

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