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Cassini systems may occasionally display a "Fatal Application Error" prompt when restarting the EPC. The problem error does NOT indicate the EPC has failed and can be safely ignored, pressing OK to continue.

Severity: Minor (work around available)


During the shutdown process when it was closing the RI Guru Server process.

This error message appears.

Root Cause
Fortunately, this error does not indicate any issue that needs to be addressed. This happens when Guru and DB Manager app are being shut down and is expected. To avoid this error, close DB Manager before shutting down Guru and the EPC. This can be a challenge because DB Manager will automatically restart moments after it is closed. Currently, our official recommendation is to ignore this error and press OK to continue shutting down or restarting the EPC.

Recover from Internal Processing Error Screen
  1. Press OK to continue.
  2. The system will restart normally. (If not, see Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Software Startup Failure & Recovery'Software Startup Failure & Recovery)

EPC Restart and Shut Down Procedure (to avoid this error)
If the system controller is still running, close the RI System Software and shut down the OS.
  1. Choose System > Quit from the main Cassini window.
  2. The system will confirm with a dialog box that asks, "Are you sure you want to shut down the system?" Choose YES.
  3. Close DB Manager by selecting it from the OS task bar or Guru bar and choose Exit. Promptly close Guru by choosing System > Shutdown.
  4. Now perform an OS shutdown by clicking on the Shutdown Icon () from the OS menu bar.
  5. Answer Yes to exit any remaining programs and confirm the shutdown.
  6. The OS will display a shut down animation similar to a CRT monitor turning off.
  7. The system controller will restart automatically if the Power switch on the infrastructure is not moved to the OFF position.

Figure 2: Shut down only option selected in OS Shut down dialog

Affected TIM Models: RI8574A, RI8574A1, RI8574A2

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