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OS/2 and eCS use the Multi-Protocol Transport Services graphical dialog tool to change the network drivers loaded for a particular network card. ONLY change these settings if specifically instructed from RI Support when replacing a defective network card. If the motherboard has a network card built-in, you may have to disable it from the BIOS.

Launch MPTS from the Settings "toolbox" icon, Network, "Adapters and Protocols" or run "mpts" from a command window.

Press "Configure MPTS" and select "Configure"

The next window is divided into 3 stages. Stage 3 shows the currently configured drivers.

To add a new driver, select the appropriate model from Stage 1 and press "Add network card". (in this case, it was a 3Com Etherlink III card).
Then select "IBM TCP/IP" and "Add protocol" to add TCP/IP support to the network card.
Then press OK to dismiss the dialog box and press "Save" on from the Configure window to save changes. Then press "Close" to end the configuration.

You will now be prompted to save changes to CONFIG.SYS file. Press "SAVE"

Now press OK to confirm the CONFIG.SYS update.

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