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The following documents describe in detail how to Calibrate and Diagnose a RI7100A RFIC ATE system.

Calibration Procedure

Diagnose Procedure

Download RI7100A Calibration Procedure PDF
42 Pages - PDF Document - 1.6 MB

Note: The Calibration Procedure document also includes every step in the Diagnose Procedure. The Diagnose Procedure is focused only on verifying functionality and can be used for when the steps are performed outside of the calibration process, whereas the Calibration Procedure includes Diagnostics only because it is part of the process. In other words, download and use both documents for their respective independent tasks.

Note: Updated Feb 2024 with process improvements re: Noise Cal and run Diag before/after, April 2023 with details on setting up DMM in Hi-Res Mode with 5-digit accuracy.

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