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Extended Warranty and Factory Replacement Parts (FRP) support offered by Roos Instruments covers the cost of replacing defective or damaged hardware that is part of the Cassini or RI7100A Systems. This does not include anything past the Test Head (i.e. Fixture or Socket) or the Handler Pod. DUT and Handler interfaces are the sole responsibility of the customer, whereas components of RI system instrumentation are within RI's ability to control. RI Kits (part number starting RIK) are also not included.

For Cassini, TIMs designed with Wavegude connections (typically 40GHz+) are excluded.

Examples of items NOT included: (does not include ALL parts not included)
    • Socket
    • Fixture hardware
    • Fixture cables
    • Fixture Modules
    • any RIK part
    • Handler Pod
    • Monitor (VGA compatible)
    • Mouse or Keyboard
    • Printer
    • DUT Interface Board (DIB)
    • Pedestal, Pedestal Support and DUT Clamp
    • => 40 GHz TIMs
    • 2nd+ Step Attenuator

Examples of included items:
    • Source
    • Step Attenuator (limit 1 per system per year)
    • System Controller
    • Receiver
    • TIMs (Tester Instrument Modules)
    • Test Head Pogo Pins
    • A3 Board
    • Combiner Module
    • Relay Board
    • Power Supply
    • etc.

These examples are subject to change and do not represent a complete listing of all possible items included or excluded from support.

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