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Cassini is designed for modern test floors with minimal requirements. This high level checklist is useful for preparing for new Cassini installations.

  • Physical Location, Site Preparations
    • Plug Type, 220V+
    • Pressurized Air
    • HVAC (none)
  • Handler, Prober
    • Test Head Orientation
    • Handler/Prober POD programming (Specify MFG or provide manual)
      • Cable NOT provided. (custom Serial or Parallel cable created onsite, or 4 meter MAX GPIB)
    • Docking Solutions
      • ROOS Adapter Plate
      • 3rd Party
      • In House Custom
      • Soft-dock
  • DUT Interface
    • Fixture Planning (Custom Testhead)
    • DUT Interface Board Design (Site locations, Handler Pitch)
  • Software/System Controller
    • Network Integration (TCP/IP)
    • Data Storage & Transfer
      • Guru Server
      • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Users & Permissions
  • Care and Maintenance
    • System
    • Fixture
    • DIB

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