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Install PM PDF (PDFWriter) from the Netlabs repository. And the lastest GhostScript for OS/2

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Installing PDF Writer in eComStationhttp://roos.com/docs/JBAT-8Z826V?Open

PMPDF - ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/pmpdf/

GHOSTSCRIPT - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-browse.php?dir=/pub/os2/util/printer/ghost

Set the "PDF Writer" printer as the default printer and that is all that is needed...


Just unzip the archive to a directory on your harddrive. Make sure that the
subdirectory 'icons' has been created successfully. Run install.cmd from a
commandline to create objects on your desktop.
If not already present, you'll have to manually add the GS_LIB environment
variable to your config.sys in order to let ePDF call GhostScript functions.
The GS_LIB statement must contain the paths to your active GhostScript \lib
directory and the path to your OS/2 fonts: e.g.
SET GS_LIB=D:\gstools\gs8.11\lib;C:\PSFONTS;

Alternatively, you may add the paths to the Distiller libpath field in
the program's properties dialog, e.g.

Please note that the above setting will override the GS_LIB statement in
your config.sys [see above] which allows you to use a different GhostScript
version for ePDF than the one used by GSView or other software.

Also, in order for GhostScript to work correctly with ePDF, you'll have to
take care of the proper FONTMAPPING which involves renaming the file
'Fontmap.OS2' to 'Fontmap' (without quotes) in the \lib directory of your
GhostScript installation. For further details, please refer to the GS

Note: This software is not supported by RI. (But, it has not had any negative side effects in our experience)

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