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A Convert to 8-bit String or Convert to 16-bit String Calc button can be used to convert an Integer value to either an 8-bit or 16-bit string, save it to a local variable, and then emit it from the StaticDigital I2C. The calc button is not available in the Cassini System library and must be copied from a Testplan to be used. Follow the steps below to import the Testplan and then copy the button and use in your Test panel.

To Use Convert to 8-bit String or Convert to 16-bit String Calc button:
  1. Download the .GZP attached below and Import with Guru Browser.
  2. Launch Cassini, use Test > Plans, (Type > demo, Device > demo) left click to highlight I2C_16-bit_LocalVar_example_StaticDigital and choose select button as shown in Figure 1.
  3. In the first panel, the Constant is converted using a Calc block with Smalltalk code inside and saved into a local variable. Choose 8-bit or 16-bit representation of the integer value with the corresponding calc block as seen in Figure 2.
  4. To use, copy the Test panel and paste into your Testplan or left click on the Convert to 8-bit String or Convert to 16-bit String calc button to paste the button into your Testplan. Connect the calc button input button to the Measurement or source decimal value and then connect the output to a System Save variable button.
  5. (Optional) To inspect the Smalltalk source code, choose Edit Block... from the right click menu by right clicking the yellow area of the calc block.
  6. The second panel then uses the local variable to emit the binary string (in this case a 16-bit value) on the I2CWrite as shown in Figure 3.
  7. Below is a capture of the emit of the integer value 61642 as 16-bit binary 1111 0000 1100 1010 as shown in Figure 4.

Note: Datalog worksheet will convert the binary back to decimal for display.

Download .GZP with sample program

Figure 1: Open Example Testplan

Figure 2: Convert to 8-bit or 16-bit Binary String

Figure 3: Example use of variable

Figure 4: Logic Analyze Capture

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