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Roos Instruments gladly accepts decommissioned Cassini systems for recycling at the factory. Please do not discard RI ATE systems or Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) or Accessories (Fixtures or Cal Kits) in landfill, the electrical components may contain lead. Please contact [email protected] for a RMA number and to arrange shipment, shipping costs are not paid.

The Cassini system and Test Instrument Modules should be returned in a shipping crate according to RI standards.

The system controller may retain sensitive production data. The local storage should be removed and destroyed to guarantee that no information is retained. Once detached from the infrastructure, the system controller can be opened and storage (normally a SSD) removed with a standard #2 Philips head screwdriver. Please contact "[email protected]" for instructions for removing sensitive data without disabling the core functionality.

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Roos Instruments
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[email protected]

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