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If Switch B,D,F,G,H,or I or a Test Port Switch is failing it must be replaced.

The following is the replacement procedure:

1) Turn off the system power, support the Test Head on a cart or table and remove the small Phillips head screws from the top section of the Test Head.
    Caution: The manipulator is counter balanced and needs to be locked in place before removing the weight of the Test Head!

2) Carefully raise the manipulator arm away from the Test Head which will expose the internal RF section.

3) Locate the failed switch and when a replacement switch is available, carefully disconnect all of the RF cables labeling each one as it is removed with tape.

4) Disconnect the DC cables going to the "bad" switch and note the position of the connector.
    NOTE: Be carefull when removing the DC cables for the bad switch. Try not to pull too hard on the cables because the cables for the other switches are also part of the bundle.

5) Remove the mounting screws and lift the switch out of the Test Head.

6) Insert the replacement switch in place of the removed unit.

7) Carefully reassemble the RF cable connections and then secure the switch by reinstalling the mounting screws.
    NOTE: Be careful when reconnecting the SMA end of the cable to the switch. Be sure it's connected to the same point it was removed from. Use two wrenches,(open ended - 1/4" and 5/16"). One to tighten the connector and the other to hold the small internal connector collar where the cable enters the connector housing.

8) Connect the DC cable for the replacement switch.

9) Carefully lower the top section of the Test Head with the manipulator and secure it by replacing its screws.

10) Connect the power and perform the "System Startup" procedures. Run the appropriate diagnostic routine to check the new switch.

Note: Contact Roos Instruments to report the failure and what work you performed.

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