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Guru is designed to be a reliable repository for objects. If the files that the GuruServer application accesses become corrupted (hash doesn't match), then Guru will not provide the file to the application requesting it. This can manifest in strange ways where Apps may not open or critical configuration files will not be available. To resolve this issue, the Main Journal should be removed so Guru can rebuild it from the files in the repository.

To Rebuild Guru Main Journal from Files:
    1. Choose System > Shutdown to safely close Guru. Quickly perform the next step before the GuruServer Startup script launches Guru again (Guru should not be running when the "main.*" files are removed.)
    2. From the OS Task bar, choose Close from the right mouse button menu when clicking on GuruServer Startup. (See Figure 1)This will prevent Guru from restarting and leave all Guru Apps running.
    3. Open a command window.
    4. Enter "rm d:\RiGuru\local\main.*" to remove the main journal file and it's backup. This removes the journal used to improve Guru startup times, but since files are missing from the repo, we have to tell guru to rebuild this list from what is actually there. If corrupted objects are found, a command window will briefly appear as Guru moves these objects and then the process will restart.
    5. From the OS Desktop, choose Computer > Startup > GuruServer Startup to launch Guru. It should display "Loading Guru from Files" while it rebuilds journal (main.jnl) which is a cache of all the attributes for the local guru objects.
    6. Confirm that the application launches or Guru object opens or expected functionality is restored.
    7. Since local guru file corruption is unexpected, please report this issue to [email protected], including the local Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Upgrading Guru Server on Testers, Virtual Workstation and Server'GuruServer version that is in use and a description of the symptom that would include steps used to recreate the issue.

Figure 1: Close GuruServer Startup

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