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Many people, even those who have worked with RF, don’t know how to properly connect a coax connection.

  • Always turn the coupling nut, do not spin the center conductor
  • Do not twist the cable
  • On AUX rack cables, do not try to put a wrench on the gold trim cap

The key to any connecting any coax connector is to remember that the center conductor should not spin. The center conductors usually have a thin gold plate on them. If you spin the connector excessively, it can wear off the gold plate, which allows the connector to oxidize and causes poor connections.

Note that, on the back of the Roos test systems, we might use right-angle connectors. These connectors have a decorative gold cap on them that looks like it can take a wrench. IT CAN NOT. It is only glued on, and will come off if you try to use a wrench on it.

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