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This document provides the user with instructions on how the create a log file of a testers calibration. This procedure

is the same one that is used to record data of Diagnostic & Verify runs. This is often done when reviewing data to debugg
a problem or when sending data back to RI for review.

1. Open the cal exec, set to "save all" on options.

The default will say "show fails only & auto save". Change to "show all results, log results to disk, and auto save".

2. Pick "Log to disk" under Options and give it a file name. Logging is now ACTIVE. Everything that is written to the cal exec window pane is also sent to the log file.

For example; D:/User/Maintenance/Cal_Info_(tester name)_(date of cal).

3. Select a group of tests to run.

Just to test it out, select 1 cal & its validate (like the Pwr VI). No more than the usual amount selected during a cal. (4 - 6 )??

4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

5. Select "Log to disk" AGAIN to STOP logging. (Note the 'diamond' shaped symbol on the menu selection when the logging is active?)

When you look in the log file, it should have a complete list of all the data logged to the exec window pane during calibration.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact us at [email protected].

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