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When you have a new physical Fixture or Device Interface Board (Dib), the new electronic serial number (ESN) needs to be associated to a Definition that describes the signal paths from the Device and may contain default calibration data. These definitions are created for the Fixture or DIB by using the Device Connection editor. Always assign one ESN at a time. Cassini reads the ESN and loads the latest calibration data (RiFixtureCal or RiDibCal). The "cal" includes a guru attribute that links to the latest Fixture/Dib Definition.

To Assign ESN to a Definition:
1. Choose System > Tester to open the Configuration window. (See Figure 1)
2. Latch the new Fixture to the Cassini Testhead or install the DIB onto the Fixture.
Note: Always assign one ESN at a time, start with the Fixture, then add the DIB.

3. Choose System > Check read the new ESN. Monitor the system Message Window to see a message in RED that the ESN could not be found. (See Figure 2.)
Note: If a Fixture is added to the configuration, then it should be manually removed by highlighting the Fixture instrument and choosing
Remove from the right mouse button menu.
4. Choose Instrument > Add Fixture Def... or Instrument > Add Dib Def... menu action, select the desired Fixture Def and choose select to add it to the Configuration.
5. Highlight the Fixture or Dut Interface instrument by left clicking on the name and choose Retitle... from the right mouse button menu. (See Figure 3)
6. Enter a value that will make sense describing the physical hardware you will associate with this definition file, often a Serial Number label that is attached and visible to operators. This will appear in the Test > Fixtures... menu option and is how Developers and Maintenance users will track calibration data for this specific piece of hardware (RiFixtureCal or RiDibCal).
7. Choose OK to change the Title. (See Figure 4)
8. Choose Calibration > Save from the right mouse button menu to associate the new ESN with this definition and Title.

Figure 1: Cassini application

Figure 2: System > Check

Figure 2: Instrument > Add Fixture/Dib Def...

Figure 3: Retitle...

Figure 4: New Title prompt

Figure 5: Calibration > Save


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