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Cassini Basic Training Preparation Newsletter
Congratulations! You are about to attend a short one week intensive training session at Roos Instruments.  The course will prepare you for developing functional Device Test Plans using the CASSINI ATE System.  This is the first of five part series introducing the novel architecture of the RI ATE platform, present topics and terms used, and inspire questions that you would like to be answered while attending the course.

The 1st installment introduces RI's design philosophy.  Please review the PDF linked below to prepare questions and get the most out of the training.
Philosophy | Graphical Programming | Optimization | Test Management | Workflow Structure
Philosophy - Training Prep "A"
Cassini: The Evolution of a New Breed of ATE
Download RI-Philosophy.pdf
RI Philosophy PDF

Key Points
    • RI ATE is different from anything you have used before (state based approach)
    • Cassini is an evolution: Better, Faster, More Flexible, More Affordable
    • Measurement Expertise build in, Optimization (Synapse) improves quality
    • Test Management (Guru) not found anywhere else, Workflow improves productivity

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We look forward to seeing you next week!

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