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The Cassini family of testers use PKZ#12 connectors for the testhead-to-fixture interface. Like all connectors, they can become contaminated and need to be cleaned. PKZ#12 connectors are small. Standard cleaning methods, such as a cotton swab, are difficult to use on this connector and can damage the connector. This document shows how to clean PKZ#12 connectors using spray cleaner and spray duster.

This technique works for both the male and female connectors.

To clean the connector, first use a good, static-safe, chemical cleaner, such as TF-Cleaner, WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray, or PureTronics Precision Contact Cleaner. If they are not available, use an equivalent cleaner. Alcohol-based cleaners are acceptable, however cleaners that contain oils such as tuner cleaner are not acceptable. The cleaner must say 'residue free' or equivalent.

Cleaners that Roos Instruments knows will work:


Using this, or an equivalent cleaner, spray a small amount into the connector. This will flush any debris or contaminants out of the connector.

CAUTION! Be sure to use a cleaner that is not harmful to skin. Do not allow the cleaner to get into your eyes or other sensitive areas.

After flushing the connector with cleaner, use a 'duster', such as shown to dry the connector. Clean, dry air or stable gas such as CO2 are acceptable. Spray the duster into the connector to thoroughly flush any cleaner and dry the connector.

With this process, PKZ#12 connectors can be thoroughly cleaned without harm to the connector.

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