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Some issues involve inspecting the Limits set by the Calibration testplan.

Limits are set on data save buttons
To check limits, choose Limits > Select > SystemCheck
Note: all limits for cal/service plans must be called "SystemCheck" for the Cal/Diag exec UI to enable the correct limits.
Right Mouse Button Click (RMBC) on data save button and choose Single Value Limit

All of the validate/verify/diagnose plans have limits. If the measured data exceeds the limit, the test fails.

Sometimes a diagnose/verify/validate will fail by a small amount. You will need to know the limit of the test, to know how far off the failure is.

To check the limits of a test plan, open the test plan and compile it. Select Limits > Select > SystemCheck. The limits for the calibration & service plans are all titled ‘SystemCheck'. Right Mouse Button Click (RMBC) on the data save button and select 'Single Value Limit'. This will display the limits for that measurement. To find the limits within a test plan, you first must find the data save button(s).

NEVER CHANGE A SERVICE TEST PLAN! Remember that you are a super-user and can change things that will cause the test system to malfunction.

This image shows the limits for Vcc1 in the ‘VCC 123456 Validation CF2’ test plan. As before, Right Mouse Button Click (RMBC) on the data save button, select Single Value Limit.

The range for Vcc1 in this test plan is a minimum of -0.02V (-20 mV), and a maximum of 0.02V (+20 mV).

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