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For the Cassini, the "Generic GPIB" instruments works similarly to the RI7100A covered in other documents. The GPIB instrument must be manually added every time the tester configuration is loaded because multiple GPIB instruments can be chained to a single GPIB Instrument POD and the instruments don't have a RI Serial Number (ESN) for the system to read during startup.

To add a GPIB Instrument
  1. Open the Tester Configuration window by clicking on the System button, then Tester button.
  2. From the Tester Configuration window, click on the Instrument -> Add Inst...

  3. From the Choose Instrument window select the GPIB Instrument then click on the select button

  4. Type in the name of instrument that you want to use in the Inst Name prompt window, i.e. "PowerMeter GPIB"

  5. Type in the GPIB address for the given instrument, i.e. "13".
    note: on a real tester you need to connect the instrument and set the GPIB address; otherwise the instrument will be in-active and one cannot get to the button.

To use the Generic GPIB instrument button
  1. Open the Tester Editor window; from the Tester Configuration window or the Test Plan window click on the Tester -> View

  2. Select the Instrument that you created on the upper left panel and GPIB Commands in the middle panel

Here is an example of using a power meter to measure power at given frequency
  1. Set the frequency

  2. Read from the power meter

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