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Db Manager is no longer updated automatically when it is launched when Guru starts. Since early 2019, Guru does not automatically update Db Manager to account for the rare cases of version dependancies with the local Guru and/or Cassini applications. Db Manager is always updated when choosing Apps > Db Manager v## from Guru. Follow the steps below to upgrade Db Manager to the latest available version.

To Update Db Manager:
    1. Confirm that the connection to the Guru server is active, the System button is green. (See Figure 1)
    2. To avoid data loss, DO NOT close DB Manager after pressing Start from a Test Exec. It is OK to leave all other applications running. If a lot is currently being tested, choose Pause from the Test Exec interface or wait for the lot to complete and choose Stop before proceeding.
    3. Close the DB Manager application by first activating it from the OS task bar or the Window List (CTRL+ESC) or pressing Db Manager running task button on Guru bar. If the File menu is unresponsive, click on the desktop or another app, then click anywhere in the Db Manager window again to activate the app, turning the Title area blue. (See Figure 2)
    4. Choose File > Exit menu or click on the Close icon, the first of three in the upper right corner of the Db Manager app. (See Figure 2)
    5. Confirm by answering Yes to the "Closing this window may cause data to be lost. Do you want to still close this window?" Warning prompt. (See Figure 3)
    6. Immediately choose Apps > Db Manager v## from Guru to get the update from the Guru Server (See Figure 4). If Db Manager launched on it's own before you have a chance to select it from the list, repeat the process from step 3.
    7. Db Manager application will appear along with a corresponding button on the Guru bar. Choose Db Manager from the Guru bar to activate the application and confirm version by choosing Help > About menu. Press OK to close the About window.
    8. If two Db Manager applications run at the same time, only the first one is enabled. The second running instance of the application will change the background of the status pane yellow indicating that it is disabled. (See Figure 5). If this happens, close both Db Manager applications by quickly repeating steps 3 and 4 on both instances and let Guru automatically start Db Manager.
    9. If step 8 is not successful, restart the EPC by following the Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Operations - Starting and Stopping the System'Cassini Shut Down procedure.

    • If the Db Manager menu (i.e. Help > About) is not responding, click to the desktop and then click back to activate Db Manager window.
    • If the worksheet is showing a "DUT echo" where the results are shown twice. This is an indication that 2 instances of Db Manager is running. The easiest way to resolve this is to restart the EPC.

Figure 1: Guru System Button

Figure 2: Db Manager window, File > Exit menu

Figure 3: Warning Dialog

Figure 4: Select Application > Db Manager v##

Figure 4: Db Manager window, Help > About window

Figure 5: Two Db Manager Apps running at the same time

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