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A Roos Instruments' Cassini tester can have a default list of Calibration and Diagnose test plans (referred to as the "Cal List") associated with it such that when choosing Tester > Calibrate from the Configuration window, it will open the Calibration Executive with a specific list depending on the TIM models in the configuration. Similarly, if Tester > Diagnose is selected, the appropriate list of plans are displayed in the Diagnostic Executive. The tester definition (RiTesterDef Guru object) links to the default Cal List by Title. When a tester is shipped from the Roos factory, the tester definition is configured to use the appropriate default cal list.

To permanently change the default Cal List:
  1. Open the configuration window by choosing System > Tester from the main Cassini window.
  2. In the list of instruments, find and highlight the System instrument. Select Instrument > Calibration > Calibrate to pull up a lists of all available Cal Lists.
  3. Find the desired list in the panel, highlight it, and click Select. This will activate the desired cal list and open the Cal Exec.
  4. Choose Tester > Save from the Configuration window. The Cal List is now permanently associated with this tester.

When should the default Cal List change?

The default Cal List should be changed or updated when a TIM is added, removed or upgraded. The list can be changed temporarily or permanently. If a cal list other than the default list has been loaded, the tester will continue to use that list until the entire tester is re-activated, or until a different list is loaded. For example, the default list is 'MyTester1'. I, using the procedure above, load a cal list titled 'Junk1'. Even after I close the 'Junk1' list, when I select Tester > Calibrate, the tester will activate the 'Junk1' list again. To get back to the 'MyTester1' list, I must activate it using the procedure below, or close the Cassini application and launch it again (from a Short Cut). Then the correct 'MyTester1' list will activate anytime I select Tester > Calibrate. In other words, the last cal list activated will continue to be activated until the tester is re-loaded.

What is contained in the Cal List?

The Cal List (ri.sys.ObjClass=RiCalList) is a .CFF formatted file which contains a ":MANIFEST" paragraph with a set of guru attributes which describe the test plans to include when the Cal List is exported with Guru Browser. In addition there are a :CALLIST paragraph that includes the following details: The type ("calibrate" or "diagnose") determines which exec it appears, the instrument name it is associated with (inst=), a 7 character model (model=) and the name of the test plan (name=). The order on the list is how it appears in the execs and Model and Title of the test plans that are displayed by the Diag and Cal Execs.

Cassini application with Patch 325, named "Spring 2020 Updates" changes the behavior where instruments and models that are NOT included in the tester's configuration are automatically hidden from the Cal/Diag Executive. This allows a single Cal List to support multiple dynamic configurations with the appropriate test plan being shown for the model and instrument that is active in the configuration. This behavior was changed on 8/6/2020 to also include the model attribute in the comparison, before it would only hide the plan if the instrument was not active.

How a Cal List shows unique Diag/Cal plans per Instrument and Model?

If an entry in the cal list has an 'inst=' on the line, then that entry will be displayed only if the instrument name and model number both match. If there is no 'inst=', then the entry is always visible to the Diag/Cal Exec UI list.

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