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To Replace a RI7100A High Current Socket:

    1) Turn off the Test Head power. The test head power switch is located on the back of the bottom unit in the rack. After turning off the power the LED on the test head should be off.

    2) Remove the Bottom Cover. Remove the 16 screws which mount the bottom cover and SLOWLY remove the bottom cover. Before disconnecting the Fan Power draw a picture noting the location and orientation of the connector.

    3) Remove the tube from the center of the pogo ring. It is about 100mm in Diameter and goes from the bottom to the top of the test head.

    4) Make sure that the wires on the damaged connector have 40mm of slack. Undo tie wraps so there will be enough slack for step 5.

    5) With a pair of vice grip pliers carefully pull the damaged socket out by its plastic housing. Only pull it as far as there is slack in the wires.

    6) Cut away the heat shrink tubing and unsolder the wires from the socket.

    7) Slide only the new plastic socket housing over the wires. Push the plastic housing into the pogo ring using a hammer and punch ( a 5/16 bolt works well also). While pushing the plastic housing in make sure the wires are not hanging over the edge and getting damaged.

    8) Pull the wires thru the plastic housing and solder them onto the new socket Do NOT use any heat shrink tubing.

    9) Press the socket into the plastic housing using the hammer and punch.

    10) Replace the plastic tube into the pogo ring. Be CAREFUL not to fold over or pinch any of the pogo ring wires.

    11) Reconnect the fan power and install the bottom cover.

    12) Turn power back on and do a System | Startup.

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