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Roos Instruments, Inc is now shipping the single slot RI8596 25 GHz Microwave Vector Receiver.

The RI8596 provides, in a single Test Instrument Module (TIM) slot, a vector based frequency domain receiver with an integrated ultra-low phase noise fast switching Local Oscillator (LO), tunable from 25 MHz to 25 GHz with 1 Hz resolution. This microwave receiver functions as a stand-alone instrument as well as a component of RI’s System RF (SyRf) Core technology with multiple RF ports to support seamless system integration with Cassini's signal sources and test set TIMs. This base band I/Q receiver uses precision vector-calibration and performs error corrected VNA measurements to cover any of the 5G and 6G frequency ranges as well as applications up to 110 GHz. Designed as a high volume production test tool, the RI8596 features high linearity mixers, a selectable analog filter bank and up to 5 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth with signal detection down to >-100 dBm. Behind the dual high-speed ADCs is an embedded custom FPGA with real-time baseband DSP for vector/spectral analysis, additional digital filtering, demodulation and user specified signal processing.

Roos Instruments, Inc. has been providing precision high speed analog/mixed signal/RF and mmWave ATE systems for over 30 years. The future-proof Cassini line of ATE systems have been shipping since 2007 and incorporate a fully configurable TIM based modular architecture that can meet the needs of any IC, wafer or module test requirement. Cassini provides the end user maximum performance at a low cost of test, while providing the industry's fastest test times.

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