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The FirstTime flag is a special case conditional flag that is true on the first run of a testplan after it has been compiled and then false for all subsequent runs.

To use the FirstTime flag, place a 'skipifFalse' button in a conditional statement of a test section where you only want these measurement to be performed on the first test run:

Right click within the 'name' field and select Flag Name from the pop-up menu:

This will display all available flag names in the testplan in addition to the firstTime flag:

Left click on the 'firstTime' flag to select it and your conditional panel should look like the below figure:

When the test plan is compiled, the firstTime flag will be 'true' on the first run, and then false on all subsequent runs.

In the example below, you can the 'First_Time_Meas1' voltage measurement is performed on the first run only, and the current measurement 'Continuity_1' in the following section without the conditional flag is always performed:

Note that any time you re-compile the test plan, the 'firstTime' flag is reset to true.

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