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Cassini 16 Automated Test Equipment tests semiconductors with a modular collection of instruments that have very high mean time between failure (MTBF). Any mechanical or electrical malfunction can be easily diagnosed in the field and the module can be swapped out with a spare and repaired at the factory, minimizing production down time.

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Cassini Maintenance Manual
1 - Planning
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI 16 and SPYDER1
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI and RI7100A/C (Limited Availability Infrastructures)3
Cassini Test Floor Integration Checklist5
Cassini 16 Infrastructure Footprint6
Cassini SPYDER Infrastructure Footprint10
Cassini Short 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8556A)11
Cassini Tall 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8557A)12
RI Safety Guidelines for Hazards - Cassini14
2 - Setup
Adding another Test Instrument Module (TIM) into a Cassini tester
Cassini 16 Diagram (Location and Descriptions)16
Unpacking a Cassini 16 from Shipping Crate19
Setting Up the Cassini 16 Test System for the First Time24
Setup System Networking (TCP/IP and FTP)28
3 - Routine Care & Maintenance
Standard Service Procedure for RI Service32
Cassini Maintenance Schedule Guidelines33
Cassini Regular (Daily) Maintenance35
Cassini Periodic Maintenance (Verify TIMs)38
Diagnose and Verify Cassini TIMs40
Checking Wear Levels of RF Relays and Attenuators42
Cassini Fixture Care and Maintenance43
RF Connector Care - Handling coax cables49

Cassini Maintenance Manual (cont.)
4 - Calibration
Cassini System Calibration Procedure50
Create Config Log (System Description)53
Diagnostic Test Plan Review55
Calibration of Test Fixtures57
Calibration Kit Maintenance for Cassini58
Updating Coefficients of Standards used in a Cal Kit Definition on Cassini
5 - Using the System Controller
Guru Applications61
Import Cal Data .GZP with Guru Browser63
Connect to Guru Server with Guru Address Book71
Transferring Test Data with Guru Agents77
Backup System with Guru83
FTP Corrupted File? Use Binary Type Transfer Mode.85
Exporting STDF via Guru Agent for a second time84
Restore, Sync, and Log System Controller with System86
Monitor Error and Warning Messages88
6 - Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting - Cassini System Hardware89
Troubleshooting - Cassini System Software95
Troubleshooting - Breakpoint & Control98
Troubleshooting - Limits in Service Plans102
Troubleshooting - Visualizing Data (Graphs)104
Troubleshooting - Basic Diagnostic Process106
Troubleshooting - Common RF Scenario & Source Basics108
Troubleshooting - Procedure to Run Diagnostics111
Calibration Issues - Restoring Fixture Calibration Data113
Advanced Troubleshooting - Opening a TIM116
Advanced Troubleshooting - Replacing TIM Fuse (5 Amp)118
Advanced Troubleshooting - Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B)120
Advanced Troubleshooting - Repairing RI8546 Device Power TIM124
7 - Service and Shipment
Error Log locations for Guru Apps on Cassini126
Support - Sending Data and Getting Assistance from Roos129
Exchanging TIMs (Cassini Test Instrument Modules)131
Export Simulation for Cassini132
Exchanging Cassini 16 System Controller134
Model Compatibility for TIMs and Instruments137
Packing and Shipping a Cassini TIM138
Exchanging AUX Rack Source TIM 140
Shipping AUX Rack Source TIM142
Shipping a Cassini Fixture144
Preparing a Cassini 16 System for Shipping147
Items to Return to RI after Shipping Cassini16145
Ship Large Cassini (RI8556A) System with a Crate149
End of Life: Decommissioning of Cassini Systems151

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