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Roos.com uses a web font to display icons. Firefox on eComStation does not currently support loading fonts dynamically, so the font must be installed in the OS for the website to render properly.

Install Web Fonts with eComStation

1. Launch Firefox from eCS > Desktop > Internet > Firefox. Type "roos.com/support" in the address bar. Scroll to the bottom of the page and right click on each web font link, choose Save Link As... and press OK.

2. Launch Font Palette from eCS > Desktop > Templates > Font Palette.

3. Press Edit font... > Add... buttons. Enter "C:\home\default\downloads" idownlon the "Insert the disk..." prompt, then press Add... button.
4. Click on each entry to select from "Font files" and press Add button.

5. Now close all Font Palette and Firefox windows. Launch Firefox again (see step 1) and visit "roos.com" to see the icons rendered properly. OS reboot is not required.

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