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Guru Enterprise Server provides a pair of redundant 1U rack mounted servers for use with 10 or more Cassini ATE systems. Guru provides disaster recovery for Cassini ATE and seamless development environment for Cassini Virtual Workstations. See Guru Description for the complete feature list.

The following options determine how much IT involvement is necessary to maintain operations and availability with cost determining the reliability and recoverability of Guru Enterprise Server by adding redundancy. Additional Hardware options are available for running Guru Server on a test floor, outside of IT department management.

Optional Items:
  • Guru Server Rack
  • Unmanaged Gigabit Network Switches
  • Dual Power Conditioners
  • Dual UPS
  • Local Terminal (4/8 port KVM with Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor)

Automatic Load Balancing vs Network Structure: affects performance and reliability

Datalog Guru Connection Load Balancing
- Improves performance by isolating Datalog transfers to a separate pair of Guru Servers. Isolation of issues provides greater reliability. For example, if the NFS server for a mounted drive does not respond, it could affect upstream performance of Guru queries. By using one pair for Update/Backup and another pair for Datalog transfers, the tester will not be affected by upstream STDF agent issues.

Facility Disaster Recovery: affects restoration of service after catastrophic hardware failure, off site backup scenarios
- Configure connection for low latency, small bandwidth "backup" tasks.

  • Network Topology
    • Server Based Local Subnet (Automatic load balance and failover with zeroconfig)
    • Client Based Address Book (manually configured priorities used to load balance)
    • Server Based Network Wide (Zeroconfig Proxy required, not supported by RI)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for high availability.
  • Rack space requirements (1U per server, 2U-5U total)

  • Configuration

  • Pair of cloned Guru Servers running Xubuntu 16.4 LTS, linked between themselves with RI managed subnet and linked to testers and virtual workstations using client based Address book (host or IP) or zeroconfig based auto-discovery (server configuration required).
  • Additional Clones can be added (1U each) to handle additional load (approx 10 Cassini systems per 1U Guru server, capacity greatly varies based on part volume, network infrastructure, and other factors)
  • Test Data transfer via Guru Agent to locally mounted NFS or SMB drive OR remote FTP server (Agent runs from one system, data collected via backup and clone process). When a failure occurs, an Administrator must manually change the server which the agent runs (Change owner to Guru ID of server).

  • Installation Procedure
  • Install each server according to MFG instructions (rails provided)
  • Attach power to separate power supplies
  • Attach LAN network to subnet with Cassini ATE systems
  • Configure LAN IPs
  • Verify cloning activity
  • Connect Cassini ATE (Server based or Guru Address book based)

  • Administration

  • Remote Administration with VNC

  • Hardware Failure
    Notify RI Support ([email protected]) and contact DELL Pro Support (3 yrs included) to diagnose and repair hardware issues.

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