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It is possible to accidentally open a large number of windows or property boxes with a few keystrokes when Folder Hotkeys are enabled is described as the "excessive windows" symptom. It may be possible that when the UI is unresponsive or slow and the standard EPC Shut Down procedure is not able to be followed, if these folders/files are open, then this could lead to a situation where the EPC fails on startup because it is busy opening windows. Below are some examples of how the symptom can be triggered, steps to recover and Desktop configuration settings that can prevent and recover from this symptom. This symptom is also usually encountered or can cause the Desktop to become unresponsive, so steps are also included for recovering from that symptom as well. This is just a theory as these symptoms have not actually been recreated. If you have any additional steps needed to recreate this issue, please contact [email protected].

Excessive Windows Demo


To Avoid Triggering Excessive Windows: (View Video - https://youtu.be/PUiL6QyuSfI)
    • Follow the steps To Disable Folder Hotkeys to prevent issues listed below.
    • Avoid using Select All (CLT+A or CTL+/) Keyboard Shortcut in a folder with many files. Once selected, do not press ENTER (open) or ALT+ENTER (properties) that will attempt to open all selected folder/files.
    • With the Desktop selected, avoid pressing BACKSPACE key will open the file browser to the C-Drive in Tree View. Pressing Enter will open the C-Drive. (from there, the above key presses would cause excessive windows to appear)
    • Once Excessive Windows are open, follow the steps to Close All Open Windows by holding ALT+F4.
    • Always attempt to perform a standard Shut Down of the EPC by choosing ArcaOS > Shut Down, always choose Shut Down as Reboot Options, then choose OK
    • Always try CTL+ALT+DEL before performing a hard power off of the EPC. (See Figure 2)
    • Always try to use Top from the CAD screen to kill a process that is making the UI unresponsive (100% CPU). Resuming the lot may not be possible, but a orderly shutdown may prevent "excessive windows" symptom on restart.

To Close All Open Windows:
    1. Press and hold ALT+F4 Keys to close the currently selected window.
    2. Continue holding ALT+F4 until all windows are closed.
      Note: the Cassini app will prompt to confirm, do not close the Cassini application.

To Disable Folder Hotkeys:
    1. From the Deskop or ArcaOS > Desktop menu, choose Computer > System Settings > Workplace Shell.
    2. Choose Folder Hotkeys tab and disable React to folder hotkeys. Close the Workplace Shell settings window and confirm desired functionality. (See Figure 1)

To Restart Unresponsive UI & Report Issue:
    1. Press CTL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time. If the keyboard is not working, try attaching another different USB keyboard to the EPC. This should open a blue CAD screen.
    2. Press T key to launch Top. Monitor TOP, looking for tasks that consume up to 100% of the CPU. Likely causing the UI to be unresponsive. If possible, document with a picture of the TOP screen.
      - Java or JavaW are used for DbManager and similar apps and can be safely killed if needed.
      - VPM is the Cassini application and it is NORMAL to use 100% of the CPU.
      - GURUSERVER.EXE can be safely killed and it will restart automatically.
    3. Kill the identified task by choosing K key, F to Force Kill, then entering the process ID of the task identified above. Document the task killed and notify RI [email protected].
    4. If T does not work or no process can be identified, press CTL+ALT+DEL again from the blue CAD screen to perform a soft restart of the EPC. (See Figure 2)
    5. When done with the CAD screen, press ESC key and return to the Desktop.
    6. Collect error logs and notify RI [email protected] ASAP. Please include the active Short Cut name, steps to recreate the issue and date/time of the occurrance. If Cassini crashed/disappeared/auto-closed, then a RiErrorLog should be available. If not, launch Cassini and launch Exec/compile testplan, and once compiled, choose System > Equip > Save Sim and send us the date/time or .gzp of the RiSimulationDef.
    7. Before resuming production testing, perform a standard Shut Down of the EPC by choosing ArcaOS > Shut Down, always choose Shut Down as Reboot Options, then choose OK.

Figure 1: Workplace Shell > Folder Hotkeys > Disable React to folder hotkeys

Figure 2: CTL+ALT+DEL (CAD Screen)

Figure 3: TOP with GuruServer using 40% (OK)

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