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If the EPC can boot but Drive D is inaccessible, it can be restored from an archive on Drive C to be like it was when the EPC was first shipped from the factory. Drive D corruption can be caused by improper shutdown, often due to issues with unresponsive UI (see Product DocsSoftware Startup Failure & Recovery ( https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8WK9KW?Open )

WARNING: Following the procedure below will erase any data on Drive D. This is OK if the data is backed up to Guru server, but may loose recoverable data. Please contact [email protected] for details.

To Restore Drive D:
  1. If the OS Desktop is not accessible after booting, follow the steps to enter a command prompt Product Docs Recovering System Configuration with ALT+F1 - Recovery Choices ( https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8V92FA?Open ).
    Otherwise open a command prompt window by choosing Command Prompts > Command Prompt (Window).
  2. From a command prompt, type:
    format d: /fs:jfs
  3. When it prompts for the drive label type:
  4. When ask for a new label type:
  5. After the format is done; type:
    unzip c:\RI\Drive-D
  6. After the files is restored, type:
    unzip -o GuruKeys\<the system Guru ID>
  7. If the Deskop is not visible (i.e. recovery prompt used in step 1 above), then reboot. Otherwise continue on to the next step.
  8. From a command prompt, type:
    cd RiApps\guruServer
    startApp -RiBackupGuru <your backupGuru Server IP address>  -RiUpdateGuru <your update Guru Server IP address>
  9. Choose Logon on Guru, enter User Name and password.
  10. Choose System > Restore to copy the latest version of every object with ri.sys.Owner = Guru ID to the local Guru.
  11. Re-boot the system, following standard shut down procedure. (ArcaOS > Shut Down)

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