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The Fixture Bottom Plate Assembly:

This structure provides contact to the test head and thus connection to the tester. The DC connection is made through the test head pogo ring to contact locations on the bottom of the Fixture Bottom Plate Assembly. These contacts are then routed to two 40 pin cable harnesses headers in preparation for distribution to the rest of the fixture. The Bottom Plate Assembly also provides connectivity for the RF, AC, and high current resources from the test head. The high current resources (VIs) make contact to the test head through spring loaded contacts on the assembly. The RF connection is made through the SSIS blind mate connectors at the end of mounted RF cables. The AC interface is made up of blind mate DINF connectors also mounted onto the bottom plate assembly.

Bottom Plate Features:

Bottom plate Feature Close Ups:

40 pin header and Pogo contacts on Fixture Bottom Plate Assembly

VI contact header and contact

DINF connectors for AC & SSIS connector for RF

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