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Guru Capacity Planning

The bulk of the data is stored in ~/RiGuru/ folder. Creating a separate partion for this folder allows for dynamic capacity expansion without affecting the /home/ directory.

As of Guru Server v74.36, creating a separate mount parttition for ~/RiGuruArchive/ will allow a local reduntant copy to occupy a different filesystem. If physical hardware, put this partition on a different drive controller for maximum reliability. If drive write errors occur on the ~/RiGuru/ partition, Guru will be able to automatically recover objects with this folder.

Guru Journal Improves Startup Performance

Guru server implements a "main.jrn" to improve startup performance by quickly loading all attributes from a single file. Discarding "main.jrn" and "main.bak" will force Guru to read each .GAB (Guru Attribute) out of the repository and rebuild the journal. If guru server was interrupted the journal may be either missing local objects or corrupted. Discarding both files will safely rebuild it. The "local.jrn" (and .bak) contains the only collection of attributes that start with "local." and are specific to the local Guru ID. These handle flagging objects when they are processed by an Agent and prepare them for backup or other administrative duties. Normally this would be non-destructive to remove the "local.jrn" since activities that would be performed again are OK (like generate STDF again).

Run the following command to remove this journal. Then restart the server.
rm ~/RiGuru/local/main.*

Collect diagnostic information and send with your symptoms to [email protected]

Note: As of GuruServer 74.32, errors are stored in Guru as RiErrorLog. If Guru is running, from any system, use Guru Browser to export a .gzp with the error log contents.

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