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This procedure assumes you have a working RI 7100A Test System and a CD-ROM with a newer version of the RI System Software. This note describes how to copy the "new" version of the software over the "old" version -- leaving untouched the directories that hold the tester, testplans, test executives, calibration plans, etc.

Step One: Copy the existing RI System Software to a safe place

1. Open the disk icon for drive "D:"

2. Expand the tree (click on "+" icons) until you see the sub-folders in the RiApps folder.

3. If there is a folder called "Oldexec" delete it. (Point to it, click the right button for a menu, and select "delete.")

4. Make a copy of the Testexec folder by dragging it to the RiApps folder while holding down the right mouse button. IMPORTANT: Hold down the "control" key while dragging the folder -- otherwise you will "move" the folder instead of "copy" it.

5. You should get a dialog box that warns you that you already have a folder named "Testexec." Select the "rename" option and make it "Oldexec."

Step Two: Copy the new RI System Software from the CD-ROM

1. Open the disk icon for the CD-ROM drive.

2. Expand the tree (click on "+" icons) until you see the sub-folders in the RiApps folder.

3. Copy the Testexec folder by dragging it from the CD-ROM drive window to the RiApps folder of the D: drive window. Again, hold down the control key to force a copy (although in this case OS/2 will default to "copy" instead of "move").

Step Three: Remove the "read-only" flags from the files

1. Open an OS/2 Command Window. Change to drive "D:" and change to the directory D:\RiApps.

2. Use the following command to remove the read-only flags from the Testexec directory:
ATTRIB -R Testexec\* /S (upper and lower case is not significant)

3. "Exit" the command window.

Step Four: Copy the "initialization" file

1. Open the Oldexec folder on drive D: by double-clicking it.

2. Locate the file "runstart" and copy it to the Testexec folder. Point to it, click and hold the right button, hold down the "control" key, and drag the file to the Testexec folder and drop it.

3. If you get a dialog that says you already have a file "runstart" in the Testexec directory, select the "Overwrite" option and replace it.

Step Five: Check the RI System Software icon

If you perform the steps as outlined above, the desktop icon that starts the RI System Software will now point to the new version. It is worth checking just to make sure:

1. Point to the RI System Software, click the right button for a menu and select "Properties." On the first page, the entry field for the "Path and file name" should have the path D:\RiApps\Testexec\VPM.EXE (the case is not important). If it has "oldexec" instead of "testexec" then the directory was moved instead of copied in Step One.

2. If the entry was wrong, change the name "oldexec" to "testexec" in the "Path and filename" entry. Also change the directory in the "Working Directory" entry field at the bottom of the same page. Then change to the "Icon" page and change the icon name to "RI System Software". Now close the Properties page and test the software.

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