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The Worksheet Details window displays live test data in a table format using a native RITdB back-end that provides a number of performance improvements and new features. The classic worksheet view consumed valuable tester resources (memory) and could interrupt testing if accidentally left open or minimized. The same worksheet is displayed when working with the Testplan Editor or when viewed while running a Test Exec, but some of the features are disabled where appropriate. The window is divided into three panes; top, left and right. Top pane displays the device count, PASS/FAIL result, test time, cycle time and site. Left pane displays the Test Number, name and units. The right pane displays the value of the test result.

Worksheet Window

The Worksheet Details window opens displaying only a single column of data that will update immediately after the part is tested.
Use the RMBC menu > Columns and enter a number to increase the total number of columns. Each column can be resized by clicking on the separator and dragging to make the column wider or narrower. RMBC > Auto Width will reset the column widths for all columns.
If you would like to see all part data (not just the last N columns), choose RMBC menu > Toggle Database Scroll. Use the horizontal scroll bar across the bottom to scroll left to see parts tested earlier and scroll right to see the latest tested parts.
Hold the CTRL button while clicking on rows to highlight and select specific tests. Highlighted tests can be copied to the clipboard with CTRL+C (but only the test names or test data, not both at the same time).
Use the FIle menu to show statistics, or save as CSV or STDF (editor only). When running from a Test Exec, the test data will be saved in the format specified by the Test Exec.

Displaying Worksheet Details
  • From Testplan Editor, select Options > Worksheet > Details to open the Worksheet window.
  • From Test Exec Editor, select "Worksheet details window" from the "Views" section on the Exec tab.
  • From a Test Exec, press "Views" button if the Test Exec has "Worksheet..." selected (above).

Right Click menu
  • Toggle Database Scroll - Always show latest or allow user to scroll horizontally between devices.
  • Auto Width - resize columns
  • Columns - Prompts the user to Enter the number of Columns to Display. Displaying more columns than the monitor allows will display "..." or in extreme cases, may make the application unresponsive as it is attempting to build the table.

File Menu
This menu changes depending on when/where the Worksheet is opened: Testplan Editor, Exec, or View RITdb.
  • Change font - allows the user to select a different font and size. This preference is saved to the Cassini RiPreference object with Options > Save State.
  • Show Stats - displays a "Test Data" table showing mean (average), standard deviation, min, max and total (count). These values are "live" and will update with new data. Data Table view can be saved as WKS File, CSV File or STDF Guru object.
  • Clear - removes all test data
  • Save Csv - creates a CSV file to the local or network mounted drive
  • Save Guru - creates a ObjClass=RITdB.datalog in Guru
  • Save STDF - creates a STDF file to the local or network mounted drive
  • Save STDF Guru - creates a STDF file to be processed by the Guru Agent with ObjClass=RiDataLog with a type=summary key value pairs.

Testplan Editor > Options > Worksheet > Detail

Exec Worksheet

Program > View RITdb

Save Data to Guru Prompt

Save STDF to Guru

  • Does NOT interfere with testing (can display infinite number of parts), will never run out of memory, only visible data is pulled from RITdB.
  • Java based to take advantage of multi-core processors and memory unavailable to test programs.
  • Can close Worksheet, All the data is still available if the worksheet is opened again, not just new data
  • Test Names column is static, data scrolls as it fills in based on the number of columns displayed. (minimum 1 column)
  • Activate "Database Scroll" to see freeze data pane and horizontally scroll between parts.
  • Top pane shows test time and cycle time, Red background if the part FAILs
  • Color coded Pass/Fail. Black text for pass, red text and header red background.
  • Select specific tests and use CTRL+C to copy test names or test data to clipboard.
  • "Save Csv" to create a text file on disk with comma-separated values, easily imported into spreadsheet applications.
  • Only from Test Exec:
    • After "Stop" is pressed, the lot data is saved in Guru for the hours specified in the Exec (Datalog > Details > Keep XX days)
  • Only from Testplan Editor:
    • STDF includes totals and summary statistics (Min/Max/Mean).
    • Save STDF to disk or as STDF Lot Summary in Guru (Guru Agent will work).
    • Changing the limits in the Testplan Editor will update the limits in the worksheet, but it only affects the PASS/FAIL of new test data.

Software Requirements: Guru v72 (auto-lauches Db Manager App), Db Manager App v6+, Cassini ShortCut with Patch 177,202,243,244

Known Issues
  • If DB Manager App is closed, the worksheet will fail to update and the TestExec or TestPlan Editor may need to be restarted to reconnect to DB Manager.
  • If DB Manager freezes and needs to be restarted, user must Compile before worksheet will display updates again. Worksheet does not need to be reopened.
  • If DB Manager needs to be updated, the entire EPC/OS needs to be rebooted. This is because the files are locked while DB Manager is running. DB Manager is launched automatically when Guru is started.
  • Right click, Debug menu appears. This is used for RI internal development and may be useful for diagnosing future issues.
  • Save Data to File displays "Output File Format" and "Destination" but doesn't allow the user to make changes. Select the appropriate type and output location from the File menu.
  • New DbViewer App used to view worksheet after it is saved not yet released.
  • If worksheet doesn't show, try killing "java" by using the "Top" command (CTRL+ALT+DEL > T, or see Troubleshooting Cassini Software), press K and enter the PID of the Java process.
  • If the number of columns displayed is too large, the column width will be too small all the data will appear as "..."
  • CTRL+C will only copy the pane that was last selected. If the left pane was selected, the clipboard will get Test Number/Name..., if the right pane is selected, the clipboard will get test data.

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