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Starting the System for the First Time

When first installing a RI Test System, make sure all the instruments in the rack are connected to the internal 48 Volt distribution block or the AC Power Conditioning Unit (PCU). The System Controller is powered by the main system rack via the RIFL interface. The 48V Power Distribution panels are configured "On" from the factory, but should be verified when first starting the system. Check that any external safety devices, such as circuit breakers or emergency off switches, are set to the "On" or "Operate" mode, and the main AC power supply cable(s) is plugged into the correct type of outlet. The system is configured at the factory for either the international standard 230 volt AC power or US domestic 115 volt AC power.

ATTENTION! The 20 minute warm up time is required before running test plans, a minimum 2 hours before any calibration.

The Microwave Sources and RFIC Test Head all contain heater ovens to maintain stable elevated temperatures within their critical components. The temperature will take a minimum of 20 minutes to stabilize within the units and we recommend a minimum of TWO HOURS warm up time before attempting a calibration or any precision measurements. Even if the power is shut off for only a very short amount of time, the ovens will corrupt any measurements while they go through a start-up phase by increases the temperature to accelerate the warm-up process.

WARNING! Fixture should NOT be attached to the Test Head while powering on the system.

The Test Fixture should not be connected when turning the system on. It could be possible to damage the Fixture or device because the System Controller has not yet reset the states of the Test Head. The fixture can be freely swapped while the system is idle or off, but a fixture should not be connected during start-up.

System Power-up Sequence
    • Fixture should NOT be connected to the Test Head
    • Check power cable and handler ground cable are properly connected
    • Turn ON the main Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
    • Verify the 48V Distribution switches are ON
    • Reset the Emergency Off (EMO) switch (if applicable)
    • Turn the front panel switch to START, then release it to ON
    • Push the power button ON the front of the Monitor
    • Wait 20 minutes for the temperature to stabilize

Before turning on the RI Cassini system, remove the Fixture from the Test Head. The Handler and Fixture to Handler Ground cable (described later) can be either be connected or disconnected.

The Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is standard equipment for all Cassini ATE systems. The power indicator light will illuminate when connected to the AC power mains and the Main Power switch is on. The 'Active' lights will glow green when power is being supplied to the system. Do not toggle the local/remote switch that is "locked down" to prevent tampering.

To turn the system on, first move the switch on the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) to the "ON" position. For "Cassini 16", it is located on the back, near the air supply hose. For the "small Cassini" (RI8556B), the switch is located in the front right side of system. For the "big Cassini" (RI8557A), the switch is located on the back near the bottom of rack.

Turn on the 48V distribution circuit. For "Cassini 16", it is located near the bottom, clearly visible on the opposite side of the test head. For a "small" Cassini, it is located behind the back door of the rack on the left side about middle of the rack. For a "big" Cassini, this switch is located behind the front door of the rack on the bottom.

From the front of the system, turn the front panel switch momentarily to 'START', then release it to the 'ON' position. The "Cassini 16" and the "big" Cassini is also equipped with an Emergency Off (EMO) switch, that can be reset by turning it clockwise and releasing.

After turning on the Front Panel Switch to ON, the system controller will start booting and the monitor will need to be manually turned on from its normal power button.

RI System Software Shut Down Procedure

To turn the system software off, remove the Fixture from the Test Head FIRST, then follow the RI System Software shut down procedure.

Close all Applications that are running by clicking on the System pull down menu and then select Quit. The Cassini application can also be stopped by clicking on the System button, then click Quit All. The system will confirm with a dialog box that asks, "Are you sure you want to exit?" Click YES and the RI system software will do some file maintenance and close, leaving the Guru bar left with only System, Apps and Short Cuts buttons. Now perform an OS shutdown by clicking on the Shutdown Icon () from the Menu Bar. Answer "Yes" to exit any remaining programs and confirm the shutdown. The OS will present a message when it has safely shut down.

When disconnecting the power to the system, first turn the PCU "OFF" before unplugging the main power cable from the wall outlet. The Handler Ground cable and Handler cable (described later), should be removed only after the PCU is switched "OFF".

System Power-down Sequence

Move the switch on the front panel to the 'OFF' position, then turn OFF the PCU. If the Front Panel Switch is turned to "OFF", all power to the system will be immediately disconnected, including the System Controller. If the System Controller's shut down procedure was not completed, some test data may be lost (whatever data wasn't written to the hard drive) and those parts would have to be tested again. It is important to properly shut down the System Controller because there is a small chance that powering it off without following the shut down procedure will prevent it from restarting.

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