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The Device Interface Editor application allows you to define the Device, Device Pins, Device Interface Board (DIB) and Fixture configuration. The Device Interface is the way the Test Plan maps the systems resources to the Device thru 3 or more layers of electrical connections: Fixture, DIB and Device Pins.

Device Interface Editor

First, log-on to Guru with privilege of Programmer or above. After logging on successfully, launch the Device Connection Editor application. Click the Device Connection Editor from the Select Application window.

The Device Connection Editor System menu includes Logon..., Logoff, Messages, and Exit. The Logon menu provides a way to log on differently from the global Guru logon to access resources on a different Guru Server. The Messages menu displays the messages between the Device Connection Editor application and the Guru, primarily for debugging purposes. The Logged Events Window displays some messages being sent between Guru and Guru applications. It works the same was as clicking System > Message from the Guru bar. The Exit menu exits the Device Connection Editor. If the testplan was not saved, a confirmation prompt asks to Save or Ignore the changes before closing the application.


All device interfaces can be loaded individually or together as a family. Each interface type (Device, Device Interface, Device Pins, and Fixture) has specific identification and configuration options that can be accessed by the appropriate tab or "Definition" block that is shared between interfaces. The interfaces can be defined in any order, but RI recommends starting with the "Device" and working "down" the path of interfaces to the system to the Fixture.

Device: Creating And Editing Device lesson includes details about modifying the Device.
Device Interface Board (DIB): Using the Device Interface Board explains how to define the DIB.
Fixture: Creating the Fixture explains how to define the Fixture.

The details for configuring the Device, Device Interface Board, and Fixture are in their own lessons. (Cassini Basic Training Chapter 9)

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