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Environment Variables

Environment variables unique to each tester is stored in the "RiPreferences" object and tied to the system's Guru ID or System Serial Number. After making changes, re-start the Cassini system software for the change to take effect. Do NOT use double quotes ", only ' single quotes.

There are a few ways to edit the "RiPreferences" object, via:
    • "JbDataFormatter" Smalltalk command entered typed into the Cassini main system window's white/yellow message area.
    • Browse Guru menu command located in the Cassini main system window's Program menu.
    • Guru Explorer "Edit Attributes and Object" right mouse click menu command (not described here)

    One way to put in "persistent" and unchanging data such as EXEC_VER and EXEC_TYP is to place it in the RiPreferences object that stores the current state of the software environment when you press "Options/Save State". You can edit the values by typing "JbDataFormatter edit" and select the text, right mouse click and select "do it".

    JbDataFormatter edit is a dictionary inspector. The left half is keys, the right is values. Point to the left half, do a RMB and choose "Add key". In the window that comes up type 'EXEC_VER'. Type it WITH THE SINGLE QUOTES around it, and USE UPPER CASE for these keys. These key names are defined by the STDF standard. Now select the key and point to the right side and enter the string you want to assign, again WITH SINGLE QUOTES. A possible selection is 'RI_Cassini_16_v18' or some such. (This happens to match the title bar of the window that Cassini runs from.) When you have typed in the string with quotes do a RMB and choose "Save".

    After you have entered the values you want to be persistent, go to the Options menu and pick Save state. That's all there is to it. The preferences will be called back automatically whenever Cassini is started and these fields will be placed in the STDF and ATDF files.

    This feature requires a Short Cut that includes Update Patch 120, 8/19/2011 or later. It adds the "edit" method for JbDataFormatter class.

    TSTR_TYP is Cassini_16
    EXEC_TYP is also Cassini_16
    EXEC_VER is v18

Edit via Guru Browser
    Another method to edit RiPreferences object is to use the editing abilities of Guru Browser. (Note: This is NOT the Guru Browser Guru App.)

    1. From the Cassini system software, system message window, click on Program -> Guru Browser

    2. From the Guru Browser window click on Keys -> Key1=Class

    3. From the left panel select RiPreferences, then select the object from the right panel that have the ri.sys.AppPn ==> 'GF10RC2A' and the ri.sys.Owner ==> 'GCA9Y0YA' ( this is your system's Guru ID)

    4. Right button click on the object and select Edit Latest

    5. Change the activeSystemName to your tester name i.e. TC16-02

    6. Click on Save-Find -> Save

    You need to re-start the Cassini system software for the change to take effect.

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