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DRAFT: This document is still being modified by the author. Any information here is subject to change.

FTP Server on eCS to Mac OSX(File Taxi)

FTP, SMB (Samba), or NFS must be used to transfer files because VirtualBox's built in folder sharing feature does not work with the RI Virtual Workstation (RIK0126A) running eComStation (eCS).

The built-in Mac file sharing is not compatible with the RI Virtual Workstation (RIK0126A) running eComStation (eCS) on VirtualBox. Instead, set up a NFS share on Mac with a dedicated "Host-only" network adapter to easily transfer files between Mac and the simulator anytime.

Note: RI provided image may come with the FTP Server and adapters already enabled. If so, follow the instructions in the "readme.txt" file in the "D:\Shared\" folder.

1. Add "Host-Only" Network Adapter to Virtual Workstation (& Configure VirtualBox Host Only Network)
From the VirtualBox Manager window, select the VM and click on the Settings icon. The VM must be stopped prior to accessing the settings. Select "Network", click on "Adapter 2" tab, select in "Enable" and set Attach To as "Host Only Adapter" (Figure A). Verify that the "Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (8054OEM)" Adapter Type is selected in the Advanced menu.
Figure A

Note: Virtualbox's "Host only" network settings are accessed from the "File | Preferences | Network" dialog window.


2. Configure eCS 2nd Network Adapter (May already be completed)
Start the RI Virtual Workstation VM.
Open the "System Settings" (Red Toolbox), select Network | Adapters and Protocols | Press "Configure MPTS" (Figure B), then select "Lan Adaptors and Protocols" and press "Configure" button. (Figure C)

Figure B

Figure C

The configured Adapters are displayed at the bottom in "Stage 3". If there is only 1, then select "IBM Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (OS/2)" and press "Add network card" from Stage 1. With the new adapter selected in Stage 3 window, select "IBM TCP/IP" and press the "Add protocol" button from Stage 2.

Now that 2 adapters are configured, press "OK", then "Save", then "Exit", and "OK", "Save", etc. until it closes. Before restarting, go to the next step to configure the IP address.

Note: If the IBM Gigabit drivers fail to load, note the error message and follow instructions provided. You may have to return to this dialog and edit the PCI adapter location (0003 or 0008).

3. Configure NFS Server on Mac OSX
On Osx, modify the "/etc/exports" file, append one line. Open "terminal" and type "sudo nano /etc/exports"
/Users -alldirs -network -mask
Then save with "CTRL+X: and "Y" and "Enter"

Enable NFS on boot and start, from terminal type:
sudo nfsd enable
sudo nfsd checkexports

Test the sharing with "showmount -e" it should show something like:
Exports list on localhost:

4. Configure eCS to mount the NFS folder

#echo off
umount l
mount -l <USER> -p <PASSWORD> -u501 -g20 -rc l ""

Create a shadow in the Startup folder to have this script run at startup.

5. To use this connection, copy files to the "D:/Shared" folder while using eCS or copy files to the "Shared" FTP folder in windows. The virtual machine must be running to access the contents of the FTP folder.

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