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Testexec objects in the RI 7100 are complete files of everything needed to execute a testplan. The testplan used actually resides within the testexec object itself -- it does not use the original testplan file from the disk when it runs. Because the testplan inside the testexec may differ from the one available on the hard disk, it is sometimes necessary to re-extract the testplan as a separate object, apart from the testexec object. The procedure for this is shown in this document.

First, open a container window on the testexec objects and choose the one containing the testplan you need to extract. Right-mouse click on the object for a menu and choose "inspect" as shown below.

The inspector will open, showing the components of the testexec object. Navigate down to the "testSuites" entry and double-click it with the left mouse button.

There will be three more structures which you need to click through (double-click with the left mouse button) to get to the testplan object. Using the pictures below as a guide, click through until you get to the MtpDeviceTestPlan window below.

The window below shows the MtpDeviceTestPlan object (as you can see from the title bar). From this object, we can cause the testplan to be saved into a separate file which enables us to open the testplan object with an editor. The file will be in the same directory as the original testexec file we began with.

Backspace or clear the text in the right hand pane and enter the text "self save". Highlight the text and click the right-mouse-button for a menu. Choose "Do it". The testplan is now saved as a separate object in the same directory as the testexec. The name of the testplan is the same as it was before it was chosen and included in the testexec. If the name already exists in the current directory, it will be overwritten by this operation!

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