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The embedded system controller for all RI7100A and CASSINI systems run the RI System Software on eComStation (eCS) or OS/2. Roos Instruments strongly recommends exempting the embedded system controller's OS from corporate policies requiring regular antivirus and malware protection.

Security and Anti-Virus

eComStation (OS/2) has very few native computer viruses; while it is not invulnerable by design, its reduced market share appears to have discouraged virus writers. There are, however, OS/2-based antivirus programs, dealing with DOS viruses and Windows viruses that could pass through an OS/2 server. The RI System controllers have reduced exposure due to being deployed behind corporate firewalls and on production floors with limited internet access. Virtual Workstations typically operate with the host network adapter in NAT mode, further protecting the Virtual Workstation from network based attacks.

From eComStation's website: "There is hardly any computer virus that can cause damage to eComStation. Viruses that end up on an eComStation system are, in almost all cases, completely harmless. As a result you don't need to purchase an expensive anti virus program. (An anti virus program is included though.) With eComStation you are protected against hackers on the Internet, because most TCP/IP ports are closed by default in eComStation against external attacks. And the integrated firewall can be activated for extra security."

The 16bit DOS subsystem that is available in eComStation is NOT installed by default on the embedded System Controller or Virtual Workstation, further reducing the chances that a DOS/Windows virus will function. Boot sector and rootkit viruses are not a concern because the BIOS is locked and JFS bootable file system is resistant to common FAT or HPFS based attacks.

Mozilla Firefox web browser and installed plugins may release new versions to fix security vulnerabilities. Firefox can be removed to decrease the update requirements and further reduce exposure to vulnerabilities. Download and install the latest version from http://www.os2bbs.com/os2news/warpzilla.html

US-CERT publishes information about vulnerabilities in the Vulnerability Notes Database. Vulnerability notes include summaries, technical details, remediation information, and lists of affected vendors. Many vulnerability notes are the result of private coordination and disclosure efforts. As of 2012, there has only been 3 notices for OS/2 based applications, all before 2003.

ClamAV Anti-Virus

If an anti-virus tool is required, ClamAV is a free (open source) solution that is compatible with the embedded system controller's OS. The latest version is available from http://web.os2power.com/yuri/ClamAV

Note: Roos Instruments does not support ClamAV installation and maintenance.

More information: IBM Research on OS/2 Viruses (Sept-1995)

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