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If a network issue is detected while Cassini is running a Test Exec, a "data loss to guru due to no route" message will appear in the Message Window (Log) and the Exec will pause.

This prompt is a warning about the network connection that requires immediate attention. As part of datalog reliability, Cassini will pause testing when it detects a network error and prompt the user to help diagnose the issue.

Root causes include intermittent problems with the network connection or possibly a Db Manager software issue related to Cassini version (Short Cut) and Db Manager version dependancies. Also confirm that there is not two Db Manager applications running or another application using TCP port 50060.

To Resume Testing:
  1. Choose OK to close the prompt then Resume on the Test Exec UI.
  2. If that does not clear the message prompt, close and re-open the Db Manager, wait for the connection then click on OK, Pause then Resume.
  3. If both continue to fail, choose Stop to end lot, close the Cassini and then Guru, wait for the Guru and Db Manager to restart, the launch the Exec again.
  4. Use Guru Browser to export the relevant RiErrorLog object from Guru (owner = GuruID) and the file d:\RiApps\GuruApps\GRMTB32A\DbManager_stdout.txt. Send the .GZP along with the description of what Short Cut was being used (Cassini Version) and the version of Db Manager (Help > About) and the version of the local Guru Server.

If this is a regular occurrence, investigate the network by looking for dropped packets, re-crimp any network connections and, if possible, try to improve the reliability of the connection with the Guru server. This will likely involve escalation and monitoring by an IT specialist, possibly using packet sniffing tools and/or a managed router with detailed packet information needed to monitor and identify when and how a connection is lost.

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