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Guru Enterprise Server Rack is shipped via crate. The following instructions will aid in the unpacking and initial setup of the rack. Some steps below are optional and may not apply. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are strongly recommended but not included. They can source 220V or 120V but must be set to output 120V. Note that the ELO touchscreen monitors do not provide touch control.

IMPORTANT: Power connections must be 120V. (required by KVM, Monitor and power distribution rails)

Crate dimensions (L x W x H): 122x127x196 cm (48" X 50" X 77")
Crate weight: 505 Kg (1,113 lbs)

In the rack is: Server Rack (with servers installed), Box with one ELO monitor, LAN cable (cat6) and bag of OEM manuals and warranty cards.

Before Installing, use the Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Guru Enterprise Server Planning Checklist'Guru Enterprise Server Planning Checklist.

  1. Cut the security straps off the crate.
  2. Twist the six latches around the crate front door to open and lower the front door into a ramp.
  3. Remove the ELO Monitor box from the right side.
  4. Remove foam padding from top of the Rack.
  5. Use the 2x4 as a lever to lift the Rack over the crate's anchor blocks.
  6. Pull the rack out of the crate.
  7. Remove the plastic bag.
  8. Move rack into final installation location.

Connect Rack
  1. Remove any blue tape securing keyboard to the table and remove keyboard and monitor cables from bag.
  2. Remove ELO monitor from box and connect to power and VGA cables. Save the bags with OEM warranty and manual information.
  3. (optional) Remove orange server rail safety locks from the back of the upper most rails.
  4. (optional) Install server into rails following the manufacturer instructions (in bag with monitor)
  5. Connect server power, VGA, USB and both network cables. BE SURE TO CONNECT LAN and GURU network cables into the labeled ethernet ports.
  6. Connect provided yellow LAN cable (CAT5e) to local network port that was in the ELO box.
  7. (NOT PROVIDED, optional) Install dual UPS in lowest location of rack. (IMPORTANT: UPS must output 120v)
  8. (optional) Connect each UPS to a separate main power circuit. DO NOT CONNECT TO THE SAME POWER CIRCUIT.
  9. Connect each redundant power distribution rail (labeled "POWER1" and "POWER2") to each UPS. DO NOT CONNECT TO THE SAME UPS.
Power ON
  1. Switch both power rails to ON position.
  2. Turn on both UPS equipment.
  3. Turn the Monitor ON. (KVM switch is always on while the power connection is made)
  4. Turn each server ON by pressing the power button.
  5. Press the numbered selection for each server (1-4) to confirm connection and control.
See Product DocsGuru Enterprise Server on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS Configuration Procedures to configure the servers in the rack for your environment.

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